Rebar is the common name for hot-rolled ribbed steel bars. H, R and B are the first letters of the words Hotrolled, Ribbed and Bars.
Hot rolled ribbed bars are divided into three grades, HRB335 (old grade 20MnSi), HRB400 (old grades 20MnSiV, 20MnSiNb, 20Mnti) and HRB500.
There are two common ways of classifying rebar: one is by geometry, based on the cross-sectional shape of the ribs and the spacing of the ribs, such as the British Standard (BS4449), which classifies rebar as Type I and Type II. This classification mainly reflects the grip performance of the rebar. The second is the performance classification (level), for example, China's current implementation of the standard, rebar for (G B1499.2-2007) wire rod for 1499.1-2008), according to the strength level (yield point / tensile strength) will be divided into three levels of rebar; Japanese industrial standards (JI SG3112), according to the comprehensive performance of rebar into five types; British standards (BS4461) The British Standard (BS4461) also provides for several grades of performance tests for rebar. In addition, rebar can also be classified according to its use, for example into ordinary reinforcement for reinforced concrete and heat-treated reinforcement for prestressed concrete.
Rebar is widely used in the construction of houses, bridges, roads and other civil engineering projects. From highways, railways, bridges, culverts, tunnels, flood control, dams and other public facilities to the foundations, beams, columns, walls and slabs of buildings, rebar is an indispensable structural material. As China's urbanisation continues, there is a strong demand for rebar in infrastructure construction and the booming development of real estate.

Advantages of rebar.
1, rebar is commonly used in building construction and decoration, its high hardness and durability can largely improve the wear resistance of screw connections and can effectively avoid damage to the connection threads. As the steel wire bush has a certain elasticity, it can make the load distribution on each circle of the thread more even, which can eliminate the pitch and tooth deviation between the screw and the screw hole, and also absorb the vibration, so the use of rebar can improve the connection strength and fatigue resistance strength of the thread.
2, threaded steel good shock resistance, good solidity, even when it is subjected to strong vibration, its screws will not appear loose phenomenon, than the usual locking device process better performance, this is because the locking type steel wire screw sleeve can lock the screw in the threaded hole. The hardness of the wire sleeve is higher than that of the screw, so it is less abrasive during the assembly and disassembly of the screw and can be used repeatedly. Experiments have shown that the tensile strength of the wire sleeve is more than 7 times that of the screw, so even if the screw breaks, the wire sleeve will not be damaged. In the same strength conditions, it is recommended that you can choose smaller size and higher strength screws, which can reduce the volume and weight.

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