Acrylate Spray Membrane Waterproof Material


Performance characteristics:
1. Adaptability
(1) Suitable for various substrates, such as concrete, metal, non-woven fabric, geomembrane, etc., with high bonding strength;
(2) It can be applied to various landforms, especially to karst landforms and other water rich geological structures;
(3) Construction can be carried out under wet base surface;
(4) No heating is required during construction.
2. Self-healing
(1) The elongation at break of the material can reach 500%, which can effectively adapt to the expansion and contraction of the concrete substrate;
(2) The formed spray film material can self heal when encountering water. It is damaged in actual application and will not leak.
3. Durability
(1) The pH value is applicable within the range of 3-12, with good acid and alkali corrosion resistance;
(2) Under pure water immersion, the service life inferred by regression equation can reach 100 years, realizing the same service life as the building.
4. Environmental protection
(1) During the production of film spraying materials, there is no waste gas, waste liquid, waste residue and other three wastes;
(2) Acrylate spray film waterproof material is water-based material, which does not contain any organic solvent and has no pollution to human body and environment;
(3) The environmental protection performance can reach Grade A, which is a real green material.
5. Flame retardancy
(1) Acrylate spray film waterproof material has B1 flame retardant grade and belongs to flame retardant material.
6. Adhesiveness
(1) It is closely attached to the base surface to overcome void and water channeling;
(2) After the membrane spraying material is formed, the small molecules of the material in contact with the base surface can penetrate into the surface layer of the base material and react with it to form chemical bonding;
(3) The sprayed membrane waterproof material can withstand high water pressure and keep impermeable for a long time.
7. Integrity
(1) The material is formed into a film once and integrally, which can solve the problem of water leakage caused by lapping joints of traditional waterproof materials;
(2) The material can still be filmed once at the nodes of the project construction, such as internal and external corners, expansion joints, deformation joints, wall pipes, wall bolts and other details.
8. Economy
(1) Mechanized construction, high construction efficiency, the efficiency can reach more than 5 times of traditional waterproof materials;
(2) Good integrity and low maintenance cost after spray film forming;
(3) In strict accordance with the standard formula, if the measurement is unbalanced, the film cannot be polymerized, and the counterfeiting is eliminated;
(4) The service life of the spraying film material is much longer than that of the traditional waterproof material, and the comprehensive cost is low.
9. Intelligent response
(1) Acrylate spray membrane waterproof material is an intelligent hydrogel system, which can self perceive the changes of external temperature and humidity, and adjust its performance accordingly to adapt to environmental changes;

(2) The material based dry wet cycle is dynamically applicable to the change of underground environment, and has no loss on material performance.


Acrylate spray film waterproof material is a new type of waterproof material used in subway, urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery, tunnel and underground engineering. The material has uniform quality, one-time integral film forming, self-healing in water, environmental protection and flame retardant and other excellent properties, which is intended to solve the problem of water leakage caused by the use of traditional waterproof materials for underground engineering.

Acrylate spray film waterproofing technology is a systematic technology consisting of film forming materials, film spraying equipment, construction technology and testing methods. It mainly includes the formulation of film forming materials, spraying equipment and spraying process. The film-forming material is a two-component main solution (components A and B) prepared from acrylate solution, which is delivered to the spray gun through special equipment. The two liquids react instantaneously in the air to quickly form an elastic waterproof film with certain strength and toughness.

Sichuan Zhijia New Materials Co., Ltd., founded in 2020, is a professional waterproof technology comprehensive enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales, construction and after-sales. Its products are widely used in rail transit fields such as railways, highways, subways and airports; Landfill, tailings, artificial lake, sewage treatment pool, civil air defense and other anti-seepage areas;
Our products:
Polymer material series: PE, EVA, ECB waterproof board, single (double) surface composite waterproof roll, point type composite waterproof roll, strip type composite waterproof roll, self-adhesive waterproof roll;
Geomaterial series: 8m wide staple fiber needle punched nonwoven geotextile, filament spunbonded needle punched geotextile, 8m wide smooth geomembrane (HDPE/MDPE/PE/LLDPE), 8m wide rough geomembrane, and 8m wide composite geomembrane;
Paint series: polyurethane waterproof coating, JS waterproof coating, cement-based penetrating crystalline coating, plugging agent, etc;
New material series: acrylic spray film waterproof material;
Other series: geogrid, geocell, corrugated pipe, blind ditch, three-dimensional geotextile mat, composite drainage plate, etc.
Our advantage: our technical team: we have more than 10 professional core technicians who have been deeply engaged in the waterproof industry for more than 10 years, forming a complete control system for the whole process of products from product research and development, materials, process technology, production control, inspection and detection, etc.
Our detection system: We are the only manufacturer in the waterproof industry in the western region with a complete product detection system;
Our service: We can provide customers with professional technical solutions before sales and professional construction technical guidance after sales.
Our aim: to provide customers with the most cost-effective products and professional systematic solutions.


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